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Search, distill and understand your data

Search, distill and understand your data
If You are still managing your business with complex spreadsheets, read on. No matter how accurate that data is, it historical data. Like many executives, you are making decisions based on activity that has already happened. What agile organizations need is access to real-time data that gives you actionable insight, speed to informed decisions and speedy investigation of any threat. The good news is that your machine data (web, middleware, database, app servers, network ,infrastructure, endpoints) is all being captured. What’s missing is a platform that pulls into one format that you can use to get hidden value from your data.

Splunk is a platform that delivers real-time insights and operational intelligence to help you drive revenue, lower cost and reduce risks. Forget massive BI initiatives that take forever and don’t deliver. Splunk’s secret sauce is their Schema on the Fly, their ability to easily query data across IT, Security, and the Business in real time. One copy of the data can be looked at through various lenses to answer questions from many team. Dashboards deliver the info in real time so managers and executives can arrive at insights quickly...and take action.

Radiant is excited to be partnered with Splunk and have seen multiple use cases put to work among our clients. We are offering a free trail of this unique platform.
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Jennifer Naughton nominated for the Athena Leadership Award

b2ap3 thumbnail J NaughtonJennifer Naughton was nominated to receive the Athena Leadership Award. The ATHENA Leadership Award® was inspired by the goddess of Greek mythology known for her strength, courage, wisdom and enlightenment - qualities embodied in the ATHENA Leadership Model®. The Award is unique in both scope---local, national and international---and the ATHENA mission upon which it is based. The ATHENA Leadership Award® is presented to a woman ---or man--- who is honored for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills.

Athena International works to inspire women to acheive their full potential and to create balance in leadership worldwide.

For the last 22 year years, Jennifer Naughton has helped companies use technology to protect and grow their businesses. As IT has evolved, so has Radiant Resources-- from a small hardware reseller to a strategic resource for technical services. As the President and CEO, she leads a talented team of sales and technical staff and partners with key industry innovators to deliver proven solutions. Radiant maintains both WBENC and WOSB certification and Jennifer is committed to helping other woman owned businesses grow and prosper. In addition to her own business, Jennifer serves as the Mayor of the Borough of Spring Lake, NJ.
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The paradigm shift for small business

Consider this, what amount of computer resources do you really use on an average day. Did you know that on average most users only require under 25 % of the processor , 60% of the memory and under 25% of the Internet bandwidth in your small business? Are you familiar with Cloud Computing because this may be the solution for many of your needs.

What is cloud computing? Imagine a server or bank of servers sitting someplace with temperature control, backup generators services, high speed bandwidth, multiple firewall configuration in a hardened secure location with server staff on location working 24/7. Then imagine going to that companies website and provisioning a virtual server on one of their physical servers within minutes after becoming a customer. This virtualized server can be integrated into your business priding any number of services such as remote backup, remote storage, hosting your website and email, even hosting application software remotely. Cloud computing provides broad network access for your employees and could also be provided to your customers. It is an on-demand self service that provides resource pooling. Due to the very make up of the cloud technology your resources can be scaled to your needs and rapidly expanded  as your business grows and you pay for only for the resources that you consume.

A private cloud for your business will provide access via the Internet to your staff while restricting outsiders through the use of security especially a firewall. This cloud could provide a mechanism to synchronize data across laptops, mobile phones, tablets. It is also a wise choice to use this service as a remote backup for critical data. You can never have enough backups to your information so having a backup/restore appliance in your office is important but in a case where you have lost your local data a cloud backup would not have been effected by that storm or fire, etc.. You could connect to your remote cloud and restore your critical data.

Cloud computing is also redefining thin client technology. In past, client/server technology has been proprietary and cost prohibitive. Now the Internet is bringing the cost down by using standard protocols when connecting a client to a remote server. Workstations can be zero or thin clients and your computer can be any device that connects to the Internet. You see this already in the workplace that the old PC is being replaced by devices that do not have applications installed. The application resides on the cloud and the interface is provided by the Internet browser. These services will centralize your IT infrastructure bringing cost down by not having to maintain those local desktops and servers. Imagine not having to have a local email server?
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Radiant awarded New York State Certification as Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)

The New York State Department of Economic Development recently certified Radiant Resources as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). Radiant has been working with organizations in New York with their IT projects for many years. Our certification now helps organizations with supply chain diversity initiatives partner with Radiant on their IT bids and contract opportunities. Whether it is hardware procurement, software licenses or certified IT specialists, organizations can count Radiant among their Tier 1 and 2 diversity partners.

The mission of New York Division of Minority and Women's Business Development (DMWBD) is to promote equality of economic opportunities for MWBEs and to eliminate barriers to their participation in state contracts. They supplement New York State's economic leadership with information and resources that increase access to information and opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses throughout the State.

Objectives of this organization include:
  • To encourage and assist state agencies that are engaged in contracting activities to award a fair share of state contracts to MWBEs.
  • To review applications by businesses seeking certification as an MWBE and to maintain a directory of certified MWBEs.
  • To promote the business development of MWBEs through education and outreach to agencies and MWBEs.
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Radiant Resources President Named Finalists for Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur by Leading Women Entrepreneurs of NJ

Jennifer Naughton recognized for outstanding achievements as NJ female business owner 
Manasquan, NJ – Jennifer Naughton, the owner and president of Monmouth County based Radiant Resources, was recognized by Leading Women Entrepreneurs as a finalist in NJ’s top 25 female business owners awards.
Leading Women Entrepreneurs, a media and events company that recognizes outstanding women business owners, fielded hundreds of nominations across the state before narrowing the group. Finalist are chosen base on four areas of expertise: market potential, innovation, advocacy for women and community involvement.
“What an honor to be chosen among so many successful business owners, “said Naughton. “ This award is really a reflection on my team and the hard work and dedication they bring to our clients. I am grateful to Leading Women Entrepreneurs for recognizing this effort.”

For the last 21 year years, Jennifer Naughton has helped companies use technology to protect and grow their businesses. As IT has evolved, so has Radiant Resources-- from a small hardware reseller to a strategic resource for technical services. As the President and CEO, she leads a talented team of sales and technical staff and partners with key industry innovators to deliver proven solutions. Radiant maintains both WBENC and WOSB certification and Jennifer is committed to helping other woman owned businesses grow and prosper. In addition to her own business, Jennifer serves as the Mayor of the Borough of Spring Lake, NJ.
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When Outsourcing Might Make Sense

  Outsourcing your IT functions does not have to be an all or nothing proposition. Smaller organizations without the dedicated staff look to managed services companies to handle their production data, while larger organizations may choose just one or two applications.  Outsourcing email, for example is a growing trend among businesses of all sizes.  Depending on your organization, IT outsourcing can bring some immediate benefits worthy of consideration. For those who say, the cloud isn’t for them, read on.
  • Cost:  While outsourcing some or all of your IT doesn’t always save money, it can offer a predictable yearly cost.  For some companies, particularly organizations without a large technical staff, the ability to budget for one yearly fee offers significant advantages. Hiring and training additional IT staff is often costly and for many businesses it makes more sense to train new staff on their core business rather than technology functions.
  • Scale:  Organizations are always challenged when adding applications or bringing on a new line of business.  A good outsourced IT company can very quickly bring up the resources needed to accommodate your growth and the costs of the additional processing and storage are clearly defined up front. 
  • Risk Reduction:  Security issues continue to plague businesses of all sizes and it can be a full time job to try and keep your data protected.  A good services provider takes on the job of security. They are responsible for implementing the firewalls, malware protection and backup services that have traditionally been handled in house.  
  • Availability:  For businesses with applications that must be available 24/7, but lack the round the clock resources, an outsourced model may be worth considering. For a predictable monthly fee that reflects your SLAs, you can rest easy that your data will always be available…even if your staff is not.
If you decide to explore an outsourced option, make sure the provider has experience, understands your SLA’s and has the ability to meet them.  Plan to first test one or two applications in the cloud rather than your entire infrastructure.  Finally, consider hiring a knowledgeable consultant to help with your migration so you can be confident of the outcome.
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Planning For a Storage Refresh? Do Your Homework.

Planning For a Storage Refresh?  Do Your Homework.
When does it make sense to look at SSD, flash or even software for your storage needs?  If you had asked that question a few years ago, all but a few companies would have shrugged.  Now, with the rise in popularity of both hybrid and all flash array options, even midsize companies can take advantage of this evolving technology.  SSD and flash have become cheaper and less expensive to deploy, and the adoption rate of these technologies is increasing.  
Most of the businesses that we speak to are looking to increase I/O performance of specific applications, rather than their entire data set and will often use a tiering approach.  A hybrid array with a mix of both fast SSDs and large capacity HDDs give them the performance they need without breaking the bank. There are things to watch out for.  Consider the pros and cons before adopting a solution.     
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Security Breaches are up 30% in 2014, according to SC Magazine

Report: 75 million records compromised so far in 2014

More than 75 million records have been compromised this year in approximately 568 breaches, according to the most recent breach report by the Identity Theft Resource Center.

Last year at this time, only 439 breaches had been reported, representing a 29.4 percent increase. The breach count was last updated on September 23 and includes Home Depot's incident, which affected at least 56 million records. The nonprofit group counts Social Security Numbers, driver's license numbers, medical records, or payment card information as a record.

Medical and health care organizations accounted for the majority of breaches, at 43.5 percent. Last year, businesses accounted for 84 percent of breaches. The dramatic switch in targets, or impacted industries, could be indicative of a lack of education or resources in the health care field.

Click Here to read the full article.

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Cloud 101 For Business Owners

Wrapping your Head Around the Cloud

At Radiant Resources, we are fluent in both IT and business. We bring clarification to everything we do. There is a great deal of conversation about the cloud. If you’re unclear about the cloud concept, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick back-of-the-napkin explanation:
Cloud Computing is a business model. Information and technology are centralized and accessible by any device: smart phone, laptop or tablet and available from any internet or cell phone connection.

Where is the Cloud?

“IT cloud centralization” or all the servers and software needed to run your business can be placed onsite at your location, at a remote data center or both.

What are my options?  

Public — You Share It
The public cloud is shared by multiple customers and hosted on a third party site. is a good example. It is a public cloud software application leveraged by many mid-market businesses. Your sales team signs in and manages their selling process. Your data is held in your account separated from other accounts on a server in a remote location. Many mid-sized companies are already leveraging the public cloud for some of their operations. You do not have to be an end-user of a service like Salesforce to be on the public cloud, you can “rent space” as needed for your own internal applications on public cloud services such as HP Cloud, Amazon or Rackspace.
Private — You Own It
A private cloud is comparable to having your company’s infrastructure online. It can be located onsite or at a secure data center. Some mid-sized businesses choose an entirely private cloud over other options. One good example would be a company that is doing business with a government department such as the Department of Defense whose vendor contracts have highly restrictive data parameters. Private clouds leverage virtualization to gain hardware efficiencies and significantly faster recoveries from disasters.
Hybrid — You Share Some, You Own Some
The hybrid cloud brings the best of both models together — with some applications running on your data center while others are on the public cloud.
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Why Consider Cloud? Predictable Costs, Increase Opportunities

Simply put, Cloud Computing is a business model. Information are centralized and accessible by any device: smart phone, laptop or tablet and available from any internet or cell phone connection.
A cloud computing business model can lower your hardware investment, provide for swift scalability (up or down) and streamline business innovation. If your current hardware investment is holding you back from swiftly testing and entering new markets, increasing or reducing your headcount, opening remote locations, lowering real estate overhead through increased tele-commuting (among many other business initiatives) or if your hardware is simply out of date; cloud computing is worth serious consideration.  It will not only provide your enterprise with a competitive edge, your firm will reap the functional and security benefits of IT best practices found in much larger enterprises.

Radiant Resources Business-First IT Cloud Solutions ensure success


Why Consider Cloud?

Get Back To Business — Let experts manage all or part of your IT requirements.
Scale on a Dime — Be nimble and scale up or down with ease.
Custom Comfort — It’s your business, it’s your cloud, we build to suit.
Anytime, Anywhere — Open new locations,  enable remote workers and applications. 
Lower Overhead Costs —  Reduce your hardware spend and positively impact real estate costs through increased telecommuting.
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We Made the List!

We did it! Radiant was recently ranked #45 on the list of the top 500 fastest-growing Ingram Micro SMB channel partners in the U.S. The widely regarded SMB 500 serves as a benchmark for the IT industry and recognizes IT partners who meet stringent performance criteria and serve their clients business needs with experience and best practices.
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