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IT Fitness Warriors for Mid-Market Businesses

Who We Are:

For over 20 years, Radiant Resources has surpassed customer expectations by delivering outstanding customer service and resolving technology issues to maximize business value.  Our mission is to help you drive out risk, improve performance and reduce costs by providing proven IT solutions that meet your business needs. And let you stay focused on your core business.

What We Do:

Your business may be quite different from another in the same industry. Our clients are a reflection of today’s diverse organizations, from growing startups to mature enterprises, and our core service offerings are tailored accordingly.  From a full array of managed services to specific technology project work, we specialize in aligning IT with your business goals.  For some organizations, that means outsourcing the hassle of your IT support to us. For others, it means gaining expertise and help to complete a specific technology initiative.  Either way you get the benefit of our extensive experience and technical talent.

How We Are Different:

We never offer canned advice or one size fits all proposals. With Radiant Resources you can expect personal service, sensible options and affordable solutions. If you have an upcoming initiative, or a nagging technology issue, give us a call.  You won’t be treated to a sales pitch, just a conversation with people who speak your language and may be able to help.

Check out our client comments and success stories and hear opinion, directly from our customers, about our technical expertise and outstanding customer service.  Learn what sets us apart. And don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Radiant Resources, Inc.

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