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Jennifer Naughton President Radiant Resources
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Search, distill and understand your data

Search, distill and understand your data
If You are still managing your business with complex spreadsheets, read on. No matter how accurate that data is, it historical data. Like many executives, you are making decisions based on activity that has already happened. What agile organizations need is access to real-time data that gives you actionable insight, speed to informed decisions and speedy investigation of any threat. The good news is that your machine data (web, middleware, database, app servers, network ,infrastructure, endpoints) is all being captured. What’s missing is a platform that pulls into one format that you can use to get hidden value from your data.

Splunk is a platform that delivers real-time insights and operational intelligence to help you drive revenue, lower cost and reduce risks. Forget massive BI initiatives that take forever and don’t deliver. Splunk’s secret sauce is their Schema on the Fly, their ability to easily query data across IT, Security, and the Business in real time. One copy of the data can be looked at through various lenses to answer questions from many team. Dashboards deliver the info in real time so managers and executives can arrive at insights quickly...and take action.

Radiant is excited to be partnered with Splunk and have seen multiple use cases put to work among our clients. We are offering a free trail of this unique platform.
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Radiant Resources partners with Splunk

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