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Jennifer Naughton President Radiant Resources
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Why Consider Cloud? Predictable Costs, Increase Opportunities

Simply put, Cloud Computing is a business model. Information are centralized and accessible by any device: smart phone, laptop or tablet and available from any internet or cell phone connection.
A cloud computing business model can lower your hardware investment, provide for swift scalability (up or down) and streamline business innovation. If your current hardware investment is holding you back from swiftly testing and entering new markets, increasing or reducing your headcount, opening remote locations, lowering real estate overhead through increased tele-commuting (among many other business initiatives) or if your hardware is simply out of date; cloud computing is worth serious consideration.  It will not only provide your enterprise with a competitive edge, your firm will reap the functional and security benefits of IT best practices found in much larger enterprises.

Radiant Resources Business-First IT Cloud Solutions ensure success


Why Consider Cloud?

Get Back To Business — Let experts manage all or part of your IT requirements.
Scale on a Dime — Be nimble and scale up or down with ease.
Custom Comfort — It’s your business, it’s your cloud, we build to suit.
Anytime, Anywhere — Open new locations,  enable remote workers and applications. 
Lower Overhead Costs —  Reduce your hardware spend and positively impact real estate costs through increased telecommuting.
Cloud 101 For Business Owners
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Saturday, 31 October 2020

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