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IT Performance Insight for MidMarket Business

Leading IT Strategies from Radiant Resources

The paradigm shift for small business

Consider this, what amount of computer resources do you really use on an average day. Did you know that on average most users only require under 25 % of the processor , 60% of the memory and under 25% of the Internet bandwidth in your small business? Are you familiar with Cloud Computing because this may be the solution for many of your needs.

What is cloud computing? Imagine a server or bank of servers sitting someplace with temperature control, backup generators services, high speed bandwidth, multiple firewall configuration in a hardened secure location with server staff on location working 24/7. Then imagine going to that companies website and provisioning a virtual server on one of their physical servers within minutes after becoming a customer. This virtualized server can be integrated into your business priding any number of services such as remote backup, remote storage, hosting your website and email, even hosting application software remotely. Cloud computing provides broad network access for your employees and could also be provided to your customers. It is an on-demand self service that provides resource pooling. Due to the very make up of the cloud technology your resources can be scaled to your needs and rapidly expanded  as your business grows and you pay for only for the resources that you consume.

A private cloud for your business will provide access via the Internet to your staff while restricting outsiders through the use of security especially a firewall. This cloud could provide a mechanism to synchronize data across laptops, mobile phones, tablets. It is also a wise choice to use this service as a remote backup for critical data. You can never have enough backups to your information so having a backup/restore appliance in your office is important but in a case where you have lost your local data a cloud backup would not have been effected by that storm or fire, etc.. You could connect to your remote cloud and restore your critical data.

Cloud computing is also redefining thin client technology. In past, client/server technology has been proprietary and cost prohibitive. Now the Internet is bringing the cost down by using standard protocols when connecting a client to a remote server. Workstations can be zero or thin clients and your computer can be any device that connects to the Internet. You see this already in the workplace that the old PC is being replaced by devices that do not have applications installed. The application resides on the cloud and the interface is provided by the Internet browser. These services will centralize your IT infrastructure bringing cost down by not having to maintain those local desktops and servers. Imagine not having to have a local email server?
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