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Simple, Affordable Email Backup

radiant_contactNo tolerance for email outages or downtime?
Consider a new service from Radiant and Dell that guarantees 100% uptime for all of your users - Email Management Services from Dell.

What is Dell Email Management Services?

As a cloud-delivered solution, Dell™ Email Management Services (EMS) helps Exchange users solve virtually all email challenges - from preventing downtime to fighting spam and viruses, even for mobile users. EMS requires no infrastructure to purchase or maintain.

Why EMS? It's a Reliable Backup Solution for Exchange

  • Email Continuity: A standby email system that makes outages invisible to your users
  • Email Archive: Centrally managed archive and retention
  • Email Security: Automated SPAM and Virus filtering

Find out how Radiant Resources can help you:

  • Effectively eliminate email downtime and reduce the risk of data loss
  • Securely archive email with flexible retention and deletion policies
  • Block spam and virus attacks
  • Filter and prevent unauthorized content and images from being sent or delivered...and more!

Let's Talk -  732-292-9100 or Click Here.

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