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Support for Microsoft XP has ended and Windows Server 2003 will go away in July 2015.  If you're putting off one or both of these needed migrations for technical, staffing or budgetary reasons, we can help.  Radiant Resources is your “Go To” adviser to effectively plan and complete a seamless 2003 migration.

Migrating production data from a legacy system to a newer version requires good planning and well-coordinated execution. Depending on your actual environment and requirements, the effort involved can be confusing and significantly time-consuming.  That’s where Radiant’s highly trained technical team can help.  With extensive experience supporting SMB organizations, Radiant’s Professional Services Migration team can work with you on any phase of design, planning and execution.  We have helped hundreds of business owners and IT professionals with their migrations.

Still putting it off?

Without reliable support for crucial production servers, you are leaving your organization open to risk.  Unsupported applications can significantly affect your IT environment and cost you money, credibility and customers.


  • If you have the IT resources available to drive migration and you only need a verifiable plan and some oversight and troubleshooting, Radiant Resources can be your IT Assistant.
  • If you want to avoid the headache of migration completely, Radiant will oversee the entire project including upfront planning, implementation, testing and handover.
  • Continue to maintain your Windows Server(s) in-house or consider a hosted or cloud option. We can assist your team to make the most informed decision.

Why put off your migrations?  Call us today for some complimentary advice at 732-292-9100 or click here.

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