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Peace of Mind

It’s hard enough to protect against the threats you can see. What about the dangers you don’t see?

No matter your organization’s size, you are at risk. New threats, vulnerabilities and attack methods are more difficult to detect. The only thing outpacing the advancements of the security industry, are the profits being made by cybercriminals.
You’re charged with protecting your customer data, employee information and intellectual property, while allowing users to access their information anytime, from anywhere. Mobile users make security even more difficult. Given the value of the information that you maintain, protecting you data, network, and applications from the threat of attack is critical. Chances are, your infrastructure has already been compromised.
It’s not easy. As a certified Dell Premier partner specializing in security, Radiant Resources can help.

Next-Generation Firewalls evolve with the threat landscape

Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewalls are your first line weapon against intrusion.  They combine high-performance SSL decryption and inspection with an Intrusion Prevention System: sophisticated anti-evasion technology and a network-based malware protection system that leverages the power of the cloud. Dell makes it easy to scan every byte of every packet — including SSL traffic — to deliver a deeper level of security without compromising network performance.

8 Hot Spots Your Firewall Needs To Be Able To Handle:

  • Integrated intrusion prevention for defense against application attacks
  • SSL Decryption to block tunneling threats
  • Protection against Viruses, Trojans and Malware
  • Application Identification and Visualization
  • User Identification through Single Sign On
  • Realtime Malware Protection to correlate traffic with users
  • Granular Endpoint Control to manage remote access to mission critical resources
  • Email Security to keep web and email based malware off your network

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