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Splunk & Radiant Resources Reveal Insights Locked Inside Your Enterprise

Buried all around your business are volumes of data, each in its own locked box. The data resides on servers, in RFID software, call detail records, security logs, GPS location files, click streams, cloud services and elsewhere — much of it is unstructured and inaccessible except through its own individual silo. When you try to analyze it, silo by silo, it’s as if you are peering at your enterprise through a straw.

Splunk integrates data from across these silos and delivers healthy, powerful insights into your business. Radiant Resources partners with the Splunk team and together we develop complete operational visibility across your environments. We help turn those silos of machine data into integrated and actionable information that impacts IT, security, finance, business processes and more.

With Splunk, everyone from data or security analysts to business users can gain insights to drive operational performance and business results. Whether you’re looking to troubleshoot IT, monitor your security posture or optimize marketing campaigns, Radiant Resources and Splunk helps get you get the full view you have been craving — and require — to maintain a competitive operational edge in your market.

Our partner videos will tell you more…

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