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What Splunk Can Do For Your Business

Splunk Explained…(say that five times fast :)

Splunk is a proven software platform that is beloved by Wall Street nerds, academic data crunchers and CEOs alike. Here’s why: Splunk harvests data that had once been trapped in silos across your business, the web and even in the Internet of Things (like your energy meters, intelligent appliances, your vehicle fleet, enterprise mobile devices and much more) then brings it all together in one interface that delivers insights never before possible.

With Splunk you can search, analyze and visualize. The powerful search language supports all of your search needs—from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Point-and-click analysis brings insights to business users. Rich visualizations make results understandable and actionable for all audiences.

Splunk provides insights that monitor, alert, report and empower you to be proactive. Set thresholds to monitor for incidents or proactively signal potential issues. Use alerts to launch applications or custom actions. Interact with your data with custom dashboards that can be shared or embedded into other applications as PDFs.

Splunk scales to hundreds of terabytes of data per day to meet the needs of any organization, and supports clustering, high availability and disaster recovery configurations. All of this—while keeping your data secure with role-based access controls, secure data handling, auditability and assurance of data integrity.

Deploy Splunk on-premise or in the cloud, use it as a SaaS service via Splunk Cloud, or in any combination you like. You will always have a unified view of your data regardless your deployment.

“Sounds great,” you’re thinking, “but gosh, I don’t have time for one more initiative!”

There’s no need to go it alone. Get there faster with seasoned experts at your side. Radiant Resources has provided business-first IT support to middle market enterprises and government entities for decades. As your go-to Splunk partner, Radiant Resources eases on-boarding and makes getting to insights sooner a breeze.

Our partner videos will tell you more…

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