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Available Storage Options

Very few segments of the IT market are changing as rapidly as the enterprise storage segment.  From traditional spinning disk to hybrid arrays to all flash newcomers and software defined storage, there have never been as many choices for data driven organizations to choose from.  Cloud storage services are also growing in popularity. But access to new technology does not mean you have to rip out your existing infrastructure and replace it with something brand new. 

Implementing into Your Environment

At Radiant, we know that your existing storage infrastructure is protecting your core business data. We can help you become familiar with new storage technologies and how they can be added into your environment. Some cutting edge storage products offer a very real promise for improved enterprise data management.  Others offer advantages only for specific applications, and our experienced technical team can help you sort through the noise and better match performance and cost to your workloads and your business goals. 

One size never fits all.  Talk to Radiant Resources about the various storage options in the industry to find out what makes the most business sense.  Call us at 732-292-9100 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

Our Partners

We partner a select number of storage manufacturers, from long-time industry leaders to newcomers with technology we like.  Our experienced team is trained and certified to answer your questions and help you with design, configuration and pricing. 

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