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Storage & BackUp for Agile Enterprises

Radiant Resources expertly manages your backup and storage needs. We can help you size and configure a smart storage solution that takes advantage of the latest flash and converged technologies. And, if you are considering an infrastructure refresh, we can help determine if a converged or hyperconverged network, is right for you. We work directly with your team to create a backup and recovery plan that makes sense for you by leveraging cloud backup, centralized data management, data de-duplication and/or multi-data center replication. Contact us for discuss simple, sustainable solutions to reduce the complexity of your environment.

Contact us let us help you solve your storage and back up challenges!

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Enterprise Storage

Converged solutions combine compute, storage and networking into a single hardware solution that can be deployed quickly, reduce time to virtualization and scale easily. Fully integrated and preconfigured, these solutions are quick to deploy and bring agility and efficiency to your environment.

Hyperconverged solutions take what converged networks offer several steps further by leveraging software to bring tighter integration to the network. Hyperconverged networks add greater functionality including backup software, snapshot capabilities, data de-duplication, inline compression and WAN optimization. Hyperconverged infrastructures allow you to manage everything as a single system and that means that adding storage when needed is quick and easy.

All Flash Storage, now offered at a much more affordable cost, means that this powerful and efficient technology is no longer reserved for enterprises who can afford to pay the high price for the benefits. Add de-duplication, compression and other data reduction techniques and flash storage solutions can actually cost less than spinning disk. Consider All Flash Storage for optimizing your databases and your virtualized environment.

Large File Sharing & Archive Storage. For enterprises with large files, including video and digital assets, file storage can be paired with Secure Archive Storage. Leverage,Dropbox-like sync and share, real-time file synchronization among distributed sites, and a secure archive that is fully compliant with security protocols. Purpose Built Archive Storage is ideal for any enterprise that requires long-term archiving, regulatory or corporate compliance and protection against data loss and file corruption.

SAN and NAS. Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) continue to provide robust storage options.. SANs allow multiple servers to easily share and access storage held on the servers via a SAN switch. NAS provides remote file serving from a single standalone server enabling centralized data management. Radiant Resources has the expertise to scale your SAN and NAS storage networks. And, we can help you explore other network options to support your enterprise’s changing needs.

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Enterprise Backup

Radiant Resources can help you configure a backup solution that aligns with the SLAs in your business or improve your existing legacy backup plan. Our knowledgeable technical team help size a simple on site solution, an enterprise cloud backup service or a complete backup and DR (disaster recovery) solution for multi-platform server environments.

  • Comprehensive backup suites that deliver a dynamic scale-out infrastructure making legacy backup and fork lift upgrades a thing of the past
  • Target Based de-duplication solutions for disk-based backup
  • Hyperconverged secondary storage for backup
  • Cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Protection for your physical and virtual environment.

Let’s find the right network refresh, storage and back up solution for you. Contact us today.

Contact us let us help you solve your storage and back up challenges!

Email, Chat or Call 732-292-9100.

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