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Virtualization allows your IT organization an opportunity to automate and improve management across your servers, desktops and datacenter.  By uncoupling your applications from hardware and OS, virtualization offers a far more efficient delivery of IT services and a greater level of data protection.  You gain agility and efficiency while driving down costs.  The biggest benefit?  You are able to shift your focus from the technology to the services that the technology can provide.

Radiant Resources can help you along the path to virtualization. Whether you are just considering implementation or have begun the process to standup a new virtualized environment, Radiant’s experienced team can assist with every phase of the process. 

Server Virtualization

By far the most common type of virtualization, server virtualization allows you to use a hypervisor to divide one physical server into multiple virtual servers. Your infrastructure becomes simpler and more efficient. Applications get deployed faster, performance and availability increase and operations become automated. 

How can Radiant Resources help you with virtualization?
  • VMware and HyperV Expertise
  • Design, implementation and Upgrades
  • Standup New Virtualized Environments
  • Physical to Virtual (P to V) Migration
  • Proof of Concepts
  • ROI Analysis
  • Site Recovery (SRM) Services
  • Health Checks for Existing Environments
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Desktop Virtualization

Automate and simplify the provisioning of your IT resources and applications. Make them available in minutes, not days. Desktop virtualization allows you to run your desktops as virtual machines on your server and drastically reduce your time to manage your  desktops. Radiant Resources is here to help.

6 Reasons to Consider Desktop Virtualization?
  1. Eliminate the hassle of managing your employees desktops and laptops
  2. Centralize your management of patches, OS and application upgrades
  3. Create one virtual image that your staff can use
  4. Get new desktops up and running in minutes
  5. Lockdown security for business operations and corporate data
  6. Spend your time on more important tasks
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